Display project data at each stage

As a data architect, you determine the project data to display at each stage of the workflow. You can also edit data fields to display images, colors, or text, based on conditions you set in the project data editor.
Each stage can show a different set of project data. Typically, you want to display the data that users are required to complete before the project can move to the next stage.
  1. In the web app, click Design. If a sandbox is not available, then create one.
  2. In the sandbox, click Sandbox Workflow.
  3. Under Project Data Display, click Edit project data display.
  4. In the project data editor, under Stages, click the stage to edit.
  5. To add a new data field, click Select a field, then choose a field from any of the available categories.
  6. To change, edit, or remove a data field from the stage, pause your cursor on a row, then click the appropriate button.
    Button Description
    To choose a different data field from any of the available categories
    To associate a color or an image with a data field when its value meets a specific condition
    To remove a data field from the selected stage
  7. When you are done making changes in the sandbox and you are satisfied with how they will be applied in the live site, click Publish Changes.

For an example, go to Show a data field in a stage.

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