Add alerts to column sets

Add alerts, such as colors, images, and symbols, to specific data fields in a column set to call attention to projects that are at risk, have replication potential, and so on. You add alerts by setting conditions on certain fields.

To set conditions on a date field, you must choose the Days Since Date or Days Until Date option. Then, you can set conditions, for example, to indicate when more than 100 days have passed since the project started or when there are less than 7 days until its due.

This example shows how to display an alert on the dashboard when a project is complete.

  1. Choose Actions > Edit Report.
  2. Click the edit button .
  3. In the column set editor, click the edit button beside the field to edit, which is circled in the following image.
  4. In the data field editor, under Image, choose the image to display for the value.
In the report, a checkmark identifies projects that are completed.
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