Search for projects in column sets

In the Projects table on the dashboard, you can search for any text with one or more terms. Engage finds projects that contain any or all the terms in your search query, including some variations.


You can use the following operators to fine-tune your search query.
AND operator. For example, owner+leader finds projects that contain both owner and leader.
OR operator. For example, owner|leader finds projects that contain either owner or leader, or both.
NOT operator. For example, owner -leader finds projects that contain owner and/or do not contain leader. (This example has a space after owner. See note below.)
Suffix operator. For example,"*own*" finds projects that have a term that starts with own, ignoring case.
Phrase search operator. For example, green belt (without quotes) finds projects that contain green and/or belt, anywhere in any order, while "green belt" (with quotes) finds only projects that contain the entire phrase.
( )
Precedence operator. For example, green+(owner|leader) finds projects that contain green, and either owner or leader, or both.

A space functions as an OR operator. Each of the following characters and symbols are recognized as a space: line break, @, /


Engage applies the following search rules.
Search is not case-sensitive
A search for Berlin and a search for berlin finds the same projects.
Search ignores leading wildcards, and trailing wildcards are always implied
A search for develop finds projects that contain developed, developer, or development, but not underdeveloped.
Search applies only to text fields, memo fields, and list fields

The following example uses US dollars.

A search for 30 finds a project that contains Reduce waste by 30% in a text field, but not a project that contains $30,000 in a numeric field.

Search finds all instances of the search term, even if the search term is in a field that is not displayed in the current column set
A search for Mia Dubois finds and shows projects that contain Mia Dubois in the Project Owner field, even though the Project Owner field is not displayed in the current column set.
Search applies to all projects in the report, even if filters are applied
A search for on hold finds projects that contain On Hold in the Status field, even if On Hold projects are filtered out. However, the On Hold projects are not displayed until you remove the filter.