Introduction to Minitab Engage®

Learn about Engage

Engage combines a powerful desktop app for executing projects with a secure web app that provides insight into your entire business initiative.

Engage web app features

The web app includes the following features.
Use the dashboard to report key metrics.
Project Repository
Use the project repository to store your projects.
Use workflow to collect and vet ideas, convert the best ideas into projects, and advance projects through phases.
Design page
Use the Design page to create a sandbox where data architects can manage data, templates, public reports, workflow, and notifications.

Engage desktop app features

The desktop app includes the following features.
Idea form
Use the idea form to submit ideas.
Management Section
Use the management section to ensure consistent project definition and tracking.
Use roadmaps to provide a step-by-step guide for your project.
Integrated tools
Use integrated tools for efficient project execution.

Roles and permissions

Roles and permissions provide the infrastructure and governance you need to control and monitor your deployment.

The License Administrator, who is selected by your company and assigned by your Minitab representative, manages your company's subscription and assigns the following product roles.
Data Architect
Can do everything an administrator does, plus the following: design, create, and edit templates; determine the data fields to track; configure workflow settings; create and edit public reports, pause, cancel, and resume projects.
Data Manager
Can do everything an administrator does, plus import managed data from external data sources.
Can do everything a user does, plus the following: edit, delete, and release a checkout for any idea or project; change sharing settings for any idea or project; include non-workflow projects in the dashboard.
Can create and submit ideas, plus the following: view or edit ideas or projects they own or share; change sharing settings for ideas or projects they own; submit projects they own for phase reviews; create and edit private dashboard reports; release a checkout for any project that is currently checked out to them; create non-workflow projects.
Idea Submitter
Can only create and submit ideas. This add-on role is not for current users, administrators, or data architects because they can already create and submit ideas.

Learn about this guide

This guide introduces you to some of the most commonly-used tools in Engage. Use this guide to learn how to complete the following tasks.
  • Submit project ideas and understand workflow.
  • Open your project and add tools to the project roadmap.
  • Submit your project for review and share it with your team.
  • Open the dashboard and understand its components.

Install the desktop app

Your company's License Administrator controls how the desktop app and its updates are installed.
  • If your license administrator sets up automatic installation, then you can download and install the desktop app from a link in the web app. When updates are available, you will receive them automatically when you sign in. You must have administrator permission on your computer to install the desktop app and its updates.
  • If your license administrator sets up manual installation, then you can start to use the desktop app after its shortcut appears on your computer's desktop. When updates are available, you will receive them after your license administrator deploys the updates.

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