Pulse rates data

A medical researcher wants to study the effects of various factors on pulse rates. The researcher records the height, weight, gender, smoking preference, activity level, and resting pulse rate of 91 undergraduate students. The researcher then randomly divides the students into two groups. The first group runs in place for a minute while the other group stands still. Then, the researcher records the students' pulse rates again.

You can use this data to demonstrate Cross Tabulation and Chi-Square, Descriptive Statistics (Tables), Graphical Summary, Bar Chart of A function of a variable, Fit Regression Model, and many other commands that explore relationships between several measurement variables and groups.

Worksheet column Description
Pulse1 The resting pulse of each student
Pulse2 The pulse after running or not running for each student (after treatment)
Ran Whether or not the student ran in place: Yes or No (treatment)
Smokes Whether or not the student smokes regularly: Yes or No
Gender The gender of the student: M or F
Height The height of the student, in inches
Weight The weight of the student, in pounds
Activity The usual activity level of the student: Slight, Moderate, or A lot