Electronic current leakage data

A reliability engineer wants to investigate electrical current leakage between transistors in an electronic device. When current leakage reaches a certain threshold value, the electronic device fails. To accelerate failures for testing, the devices were tested under much higher than normal temperatures. Devices were inspected for failure every two days.

You can use this data to demonstrate Accelerated Life Testing. The relationship between the Arrhenius temperature and the failures is linear.

Worksheet column Description
StartTime The start time of the test interval, in days.
EndTime The end time of the test interval, in days. Devices were inspected every 2 days.
Count The number of devices that failed within the test interval between StartTime and EndTime.
Temp The temperature to which the device was exposed.
NewTemp The temperatures for prediction purposes. 55oC is the design temperature and 85oC is the worst-case temperature.

Row 1 indicates that no devices that were exposed to 125oC failed during the interval from the beginning of the test to the first inspection at day 2. Row 8 indicates 46 devices that were exposed to 125oC during the interval from day 14 until the end of the test at day 16 were still functioning.

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