Thermal energy data

Technicians measure heat flux as part of a solar thermal energy test. An energy engineer wants to determine how total heat flux is predicted by other variables: insolation, the position of the east, south, and north focal points, and the time of day.

You can use this data to demonstrate Best Subsets Regression.

Worksheet column Description Variable type
Heat Flux The total heat flux, in kwatts Response
Insolation The insolation value, in watts/m2 Predictor
East The position of the focal point in the east direction, in inches Predictor
South The position of the focal point in the south direction, in inches Predictor
North The position of the focal point in the north direction, in inches Predictor
Time of Day The time of day that the data were collected Predictor


Data are from D.C. Montgomery, E.A. Peck, and G.G. Vining (2012). Introduction to Linear Regression Analysis. John Wiley & Sons.

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