Resin defects data

A quality engineer is concerned about two types of defects in molded resin parts: discoloration and clumping. Discolored streaks in the final product can result from contamination in hoses and from abrasions to resin pellets. Clumping can occur when the process is run at higher temperatures and faster rates of transfer. The engineer identifies three possible predictor variables for the responses (defects). The engineer records the number of each type of defect in hour long sessions, while varying the predictor levels.

You can use this data to demonstrate Fit Poisson Model.

Worksheet column Description Variable type
Hours Since Cleanse The number of hours since the workers cleaned the hoses: 0–8 Continuous predictor
Size of Screw The size of the screw that moves the pellets through the transfer hoses: small or large Categorical predictor
Temperature The temperature of the resin: 80 or 215 Continuous predictor
Discoloration Defects The number of discoloration defects per hour Response
Clump Defects The number of clumps large enough to be defects, per hour Response
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