Cement composition data

A materials scientist studies the heat that is generated in cement mixtures. The scientist varies the four ingredients in the mixtures to assess the impact on overall heat generation.

Because this data has 4 continuous predictor variables, you can use it to demonstrate Fit Regression Model and Best Subsets Regression.

Worksheet column Description Variable type
Heat Evolved The amount of heat that evolves in a cement mixture Response
X1 The amount of tricalcium aluminate in the cement mixture Predictor
X2 The amount of tricalcium silicate in the cement mixture Predictor
X3 The amount of tetracalcium aluminoferrite in the cement mixture Predictor
X4 The amount of dicalcium silicate in the cement mixture Predictor


Data are from D.C. Montgomery, E.A. Peck, and G.G. Vining (2012). Introduction to Linear Regression Analysis. John Wiley & Sons.

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