Injection process data

A team of researchers wants to use data from an injection molding process to study settings for machines that maximize one type of strength of a plastic part. The variables include controls on the machines, different plastic formulas, and the injection molding machines.

You can use this data to demonstrate Discover Key Predictors with TreeNet® Regression.

Machine The machine that created the insulation: 1, 2, 3, or 4
Formula Formula1 or Formula2
Injection Pressure Injection pressure: 75 or 150
Injection Temperature Injection temperature: 85 or 100
Cooling Temperature Cooling temperature: 25 or 45
Melt Temperature Zone 1 The temperature at zone 1 of the injection nozzle
Melt Temperature Zone 2 The temperature at zone 2 of the injection nozzle
Melt Temperature Zone 3 The temperature at zone 3 of the injection nozzle
Melt Temperature Zone 4 The temperature at zone 4 of the injection nozzle
Melt Temperature Zone 5 The temperature at zone 5 of the injection nozzle
Mold Temperature The temperature setting for inside the mold during the injection process
Change Position The distance of the screw when the process changes from flow control to pressure control
Screw cushion The amount of material in the barrel in front of the screw
Screw Rotation Speed How fast the screw rotates during the process
Hold Pressure The hold pressure setting on the injection machine
Back Pressure The back pressure on the screw
Drying Temperature The temperature inside the dryer for the part
Drying Time The time the parts are inside the dryer
Plastic Temperature The temperature of the plastic entering the injection process
Plastic Flow Rate The flow rate of the plastic during the injection process
Temperature at Measurement Temperature at the time of the response measurements
Strength The strength of the plastic part