Dyed cotton fabric data

Inspectors at a textile manufacturing plant rate samples of dyed fabric as go or no-go (pass or fail) based on the absence or presence of white specks. To assess the consistency and correctness of the inspectors' ratings, a quality engineer asks two inspectors to rate print quality on 60 samples of fabric twice. Fabric samples were randomly presented.

You can use this data to demonstrate Attribute Agreement Analysis. Because the data include only two levels, it is useful for demonstrating the Assessment Disagreement table of the Attribute Agreement Analysis. The data also include a known standard for each sample, so that you can assess the consistency and correctness of ratings compared to the standard in addition to compared with other appraisers.

Worksheet column Description
Appraiser The identification number of the inspector evaluating the fabric
Response The inspector's evaluation for the sample (go or no-go)
Samples The sample identifier
Standard The known rating for each fabric sample (go or no-go)
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