Billiard ball elasticity data

A chemical engineer assesses the quality of the plastic that is used in manufacturing billiard balls. Because higher elasticity is better, the engineer wants to determine whether either of two additives improves the elasticity of the plastic. The engineer prepares 10 samples with each of the two additives and 10 samples with no additive and measures the elasticity of each.

You can use this data to demonstrate Individual Value Plot, which displays each observation, Empirical CDF Plot, and other analyses that are appropriate for small data sets.

Worksheet column Description
Elastic The elasticity of the plastic sample on a 0 to 100 scale
Batch The identification number for the batch of plastic.
Additive The additive that was added to the plastic sample: 0 = no additive, 1 = Additive 1, 2 = Additive 2
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