Automobile specifications data

A sales manager for a car dealership wants to compare the specifications of the automobiles that the dealership sells. The manager collects data on the fuel economy, cost, safety rating, and volume of the automobiles.

You can use this data to demonstrate Scatterplot, Matrix Plot, Bubble Plot, and other analyses that compare multiple related measurement variables.

Worksheet column Description
Vehicle The model identifier
Type The body type: SUV, Sedan, Hatchback, Wagon, or Minivan
Fuel The type of fuel used: Gas or Hybrid
City MPG Fuel economy for city driving in miles per gallon
Hwy MPG Fuel economy for highway driving in miles per gallon
Combined MPG Overall fuel economy in miles per gallon
Retail ($1000) Retail price in units of $1000
Safety (0-5) Safety rating (0 to 5), where 0 is poor and 5 is excellent
Interior Volume Passenger volume in cubic feet
Cargo Volume Cargo volume in cubic feet
Total Volume Total volume in cubic feet
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