Shipping center data

A company that sells books online has three regional shipping centers. Each shipping center uses a different computer system to enter and process orders. The company wants to identify the most efficient computer system and to use that computer system at each shipping center. You can use this data to demonstrate Histogram, Scatterplot, Display Descriptive Statistics, and One-Way ANOVA, as in Chapters 2 and 3 of Getting Started for Minitab Statistical Software.

Teams at different shipping center collect data on orders and arrivals.

Worksheet column Description
Center The shipping center: Eastern, Central, or Western.
Order The date and time that a customer places an order.
Arrival The date and time that a customer receives an order.
Days The difference between the arrival and order dates.
Status On time indicates that the book shipment was received on time. Back order indicates that the book cannot be shipped yet because it is not currently in stock. Late indicates that the book shipment was received six or more days after the order was placed.
Distance The distance from the shipping center to the delivery location.
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