Tray seal data

A clean room engineer analyzes a response surface design to determine how seal time, temperature, and pressure affect the seal quality of the sealed trays. The response is binary-whether the seal is intact or not-in a sample of 800 tray seals.

You can use this data to demonstrate Analyze Binary Response for Response Surface Design.

Worksheet column Description
StdOrder The order of the runs in standard order (also called Yates order).
RunOrder The order of the runs in random order.
PtType The point type.
Blocks The blocks. In this design, all the design points are contained in a single block.
Time The sealing time: 1.5, 2.5, or 3.5.
Temperature The sealing temperature: 220, 245, or 270.
Pressure The sealing pressure: 20, 30, or 40.
Sealed The number of seals that are intact after testing.
Samples The number of tray seals that are sampled.