Plastic tensile strength data

A materials engineer at a plastic manufacturing company wants to increase the tensile strength of a plastic product. The engineer identifies several factors to evaluate as possible contributors to tensile strength, including processing temperature, additive, agitation rate, and processing time. Because the temperature of the processing oven is difficult to change, the engineer designs a split-plot full factorial experiment so that the temperature is held constant while the other factors vary for each temperature setting.

You can use this data to demonstrate Analyze Factorial Design for a split-plot design.

Worksheet column Description
StdOrder The order of the runs in standard order (also called Yates order).
RunOrder The order of the runs in random order.
PtType The point type. This design has only corner points (1).
Blocks The blocks. In this design, all the design points are contained in a single block.
WP The whole plot indicator: 1, 2, 3, or 4.
Temp[HTC] The temperature: -1 or 1 (hard-to-change factor).
Add The additive percent: -1 or 1 (factor).
Rate The agitation rate: -1 or 1 (factor).
Time The processing time: -1 or 1 (factor).
Strength The strength of the plastic (response).
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