Insulation properties data

A materials engineer for a building products manufacturer is developing a new insulation product. The engineer designs a 2-level full factorial experiment to assess several factors that could impact the strength, density, and insulating value of the insulation.

You can use this data to demonstrate Analyze Factorial Design.

You can use the data with the model to demonstrate the following factorial commands:
  • Predict
  • Factorial Plots
  • Cube Plot
  • Contour Plot
  • Surface Plot
  • Overlaid Contour Plot
  • Response Optimizer
Worksheet column Description
StdOrder The order of the runs in standard order (also called Yates order).
RunOrder The order of the runs in random order.
CenterPt The center points. This design has no center points.
Blocks The blocks. In this design, all the design points are contained in a single block.
Material Material type: Formula1 or Formula2 (factor).
InjPress Injection pressure: 75 or 150 (factor).
InjTemp Injection temperature: 85 or 100 (factor).
CoolTemp Cooling temperature: 25 or 45 (factor).
MeasTemp Temperature at the time of the response measurements (covariate).
Insulation The insulating value (response).
Density The density value (response).
Strength The strength of the insulation (response).
Machine The machine that created the insulation: 1, 2, 3, or 4.
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