Golf ball data

An engineer for a golf equipment manufacturer wants to design a new golf ball to maximize ball flight distance. The engineer has identified four control factors (core material, core diameter, number of dimples, and cover thickness) and one noise factor (type of golf club). Each control factor has 2 levels. The noise factor is two types of golf clubs: driver and a 5-iron. The engineer measures flight distance for each club type, and records the data in two noise factor columns in the worksheet.

You can use this data to demonstrate Analyze Taguchi Design.

Worksheet column Description
Material The golf ball core material: Liquid or Tungsten (control factor)
Diameter The golf ball core diameter: 118 or 156 (control factor)
Dimples The number of dimples: 392 or 422 (control factor)
Thickness The golf ball cover thickness: 0.03 or 0.06 (control factor)
Driver The golf ball flight distance (response) for driver golf club (noise factor)
Iron The golf ball flight distance (response) for 5-iron golf club (noise factor)
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