Food spoilage data

A food scientist analyzes a 2-level factorial design to determine how preservative type, vacuum packaging pressure, contamination level, and cooling temperature affect the spoilage of fruit. The response is binary-whether spoilage is detected or not-in a sample of 500 containers of fruit.

You can use this data to demonstrate Analyze Binary Response for Factorial Design.

Worksheet column Description
StdOrder The order of the runs in standard order (also called Yates order).
RunOrder The order of the runs in random order.
CenterPt The center points. This design has no center points.
Blocks The blocks. In this design, all the design points are contained in a single block.
Preservative The food preservative: Formula 1 or Formula 2.
VacuumPress The vacuum sealing pressure: 5 or 25.
ContaminationLevel The initial contamination level: 5 or 50.
CoolTemp The storage cooling temperature: 10 or 20.
Spoilage The number of containers of fruit that have spoilage as detected by electronic sensor.
Containers The number of fruit containers that are sampled.
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