Fondue recipe data

Researchers in a food laboratory want to enhance a recipe for cheese fondue by improving the flavor, maximizing the amount that sticks to bread dipped into the fondue, and minimizing the amount that is burned at the bottom of the pot. The researchers design an extreme vertices mixture experiment to study the effects of the mixture blend and serving temperature.

You can use this data to demonstrate Analyze Mixture Design. You can use the data with the model to demonstrate mixture commands such as Response Trace Plot, Contour/Surface Plots, Overlaid Contour Plot, and Response Optimizer.

Worksheet column Description
StdOrder The order of the runs in standard order (also called Yates order).
RunOrder The order of the runs in random order.
PtType The point type: 0 = center point, 1 = corner point, -1 = axial point.
Blocks The blocks. In this design, all the design points are contained in a single block.
Emmenthaler The amount of Emmenthaler cheese (component).
Gruyere The amount of Gruyere cheese (component).
Broth The amount of broth (component).
Temperature The serving temperature of the mixture (process variable).
Flavor The flavor rating (response).
Quantity The quantity that sticks to bread dipped into the fondue (response).
Burned The amount of the mixture that is burned at the bottom of the pot (response).
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