Loan applicant data

A bank requires eight pieces of information from loan applicants: income, education level, age, length of time at current residence, length of time with current employer, savings, debt, and number of credit cards. A bank administrator wants to analyze this data to determine the best way to group and report it. The administrator collects this information for 30 loan applicants.

Because this data contains multiple related measurement variables, you can use it to demonstrate Principal Components Analysis, Correlation, and graphs such as Bubble Plot.

Worksheet column Description
Income The income of the applicant, in US dollars
Education The education level of the applicant, in years
Age The age of the applicant
Residence The length of time that the applicant has lived at the current residence, in years
Employ The length of time that the applicant has worked for the current employer, in years
Savings The amount of savings that the applicant has, in US dollars
Debt The amount of debt that the applicant has, in US dollars
Credit cards The number of credit cards that the applicant has
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