Minitab Connect offers a variety of ways to move your data into and out of the application. The following provides information about bringing data into Minitab Connect one time or scheduled for automatic data retrieval.

The simplest way to import data into a table is to use the Base Tool. From the Home screen , select Add under Tables. You can import data from a file, from a template, from another Minitab Connect table, and more. For more information on different ways to import your data using the Base Tool, go to Common tasks using the Base Tool.

You can also use the Flow Tool to set up an auto import. Auto imports look for a specific file in an FTP server, SFTP server, or an email address. Every 10 minutes Minitab Connect pulls data from that file into a table. For more information on how to set up an auto importer, go to Common tasks using the Flow Tool and select Create a new Auto Importer.

If you already have a table in Minitab Connect, you can use the toolbar on the Prep Tool to import additional rows of data. Select the Import button and choose whether to import data that you paste in or data from a file. Minitab Connect adds the data to the end of the existing table.