What's New in Companion 5

Companion by Minitab provides teams with tools, storage, and reporting metrics for real-time visibility into their continuous improvement initiative.

What's New in Companion 5.2 (full version only)

The full version of Companion 5.2 offers workflow, a controlled and automated process for vetting project ideas, prioritizing projects, and approving projects through a series of phases. Now, managers, black belts, and stakeholders have even more visibility into the progress of individual projects. They can be confident that the right amount of time, effort, and resources are being allocated to the highest-priority projects and that small problems are identified before they become big issues.

Submit project ideas anytime

Workflow gives every user the ability to submit their project ideas and contribute to the initiative. Project owners can be sure their projects are moving in the right direction every step of the way.
With workflow, users submit their project ideas using the official idea form. When a user saves their idea, it is saved to the Ideas stage in the web app and members of the company's steering committee are notified.

Use the hopper to pick the best projects

Once approved, the idea moves to the Hopper stage, where steering committee members can use a chart to compare ideas and determine which ones to assign as projects.

Approve projects at every phase

As projects are executed in the Active stage, each phase of the project must be approved by the project's review board before it can move to the next phase.

When the final phase of the project is approved, the project is automatically closed and moved to the Completed stage of the workflow. To learn more about workflow, go to What is workflow?.

Customize workflow

Data architects can customize workflow in the design center. If you are a data architect, go to Configure workflow settings.

What's New in Companion 5.1.1

Companion 5.1.1 includes updates that enable a concurrent license model for the Companion full version and maintenance fixes for the Companion desktop app.

Full version

Both the web app and the desktop app should be updated for this release. To avoid compatibility issues and future licensing issues, be sure to update to 5.1.1 as soon as possible. For more information, go to Companion by Minitab 5.1.1 Software Update.

Desktop app only

If you are using the desktop app only, check for updates to ensure the highest level of performance and quality. Choose Help > Check for Updates.

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