Create a value stream map

Create a value stream map to show how materials and information flow through the value stream. A current state value stream map helps you to identify waste and to envision an improved future state.

Insert a value stream map

  1. Choose Insert > Value Stream Map.
  2. Click a value stream map template, and then click Create. Some templates start with blank shapes and some do not.

If you opened a template that already has shapes and connectors, then start by adding data to the existing shapes. Go to Add data to a shape. You can add additional shapes and connectors as needed.

If you opened a blank template, then start by adding shapes and connectors to map the value stream.

Add shapes and connectors

For a list of available shapes and connectors, go to Value stream map shapes.

  1. In the Shapes gallery, click a shape, and then click the workspace.
  2. To connect the shapes, click Connector, and then choose a connector. To ensure that shapes stay connected even when you move them, connect the shapes at their anchor points.
    Start point
    End point
    Anchor points on a shape

    Anchor points turn green when they are connected to the shape.

Format shapes and connectors

  • Right-click the shape or the connector to format, and then choose one of the following options:
    Option Description
    Text Change font, font style, font size, and color of the text on a shape or a connector.
    Paragraph Change the alignment or apply bullets or numbering to the text on a shape or a connector.
    Lines Change the color, type, and size of a connector or of a shape's outline.
    Fill Change the color, pattern, pattern color, or shadow color of the shape or the connector.
    After you format a shape or a connector, you can set the new format as the default.
  • (Optional) Right-click the shape or the connector and choose Set as default format. The next time you add a shape or a connector of the same type, the new default format is applied. For example, if you set the fill of a Process shape to blue, and then set it as the default format, the next time you add a Process shape, it will be blue.

To create a set of reusable formatting options, go to Edit and create reusable formatting options.

Add the same shape or connector multiple times

To save time, you can use Multi-Insert to add the same shape or connector to the map multiple times.

  1. Choose Map > Multi-Insert, and then, in the Shapes gallery, select the shape or connector to add.
  2. Choose either of the following options:
    • For shapes, click the workspace until you add as many shapes as necessary.
    • For connectors, hold the mouse pointer on a shape, click an anchor point, and then drag the connector to an anchor point on a different shape. Use this method to connect as many shapes as necessary.
  3. While Multi-Insert is on, select a connector, and then connect the shapes. Click Multi-Insert again to turn it off.

Add comments to a shape

By default, the Comments field is in the task pane on the Other tab. For information on how to change the location of a data field, go to Manage data fields from the task pane.

  1. Right-click the shape to add a comment to, and then chose Shape Data > Add Shape Data.
  2. In the task pane, click the Other tab and enter a comment.
    The comment symbol appears above the shape.
    Comment symbol
After you insert a comment you can do either of the following:
  • To see the comment in a tooltip, hold the mouse pointer on the comment.
  • To open or edit the comment in the task pane, double-click the comment.
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