Insert and fill out a form

Insert a form, and then fill it out to record and analyze project data.
  1. Choose Insert > Form.
  2. In the Insert Tool dialog, click a form template, and then click Create.
  3. Complete the form by entering data in the fields and tables. To move between fields and table cells, press Tab.
  4. To add rows or columns to a data-entry table, hold the mouse pointer on the row or the column, click the add button , and then choose an option.
    Add row button
    Add column button

    To keep row headers and column headers visible as you scroll through a table, choose Form > Freeze Header.


After you fill out a form, you can create a snapshot of it. When you create a snapshot, a read-only version of the form is inserted in the Roadmap. Choose Form > Create Snapshot. Snapshots are useful when you want to archive a form at a specific point in time.


To learn more about a specific form, right-click it in the Roadmap and choose Help.

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