Create local data fields

In the desktop app, you can create and edit local data fields. Local data fields are specific to your project.
cloudIn the full version of Companion, you can create local data fields in your project, but you cannot use them in other projects or in dashboard reports.
To decide whether the local data belongs to a single-value category or a data table, go to Data fields.
  1. Choose File > Data Definitions.
    • To create a data field, expand the category or data table to add the field to, and then click New field.
    • To edit an existing data field, expand the category or data table that the data field belongs to, select the field, and then click the Edit button. You can use the Show definitions filter to find only the editable data fields.
  2. In the New field dialog box, enter a name and choose a field type. For help choosing a field type, go to Types of data fields.
  3. Depending on the field type, select or edit the available options.
  4. Close the Data Definitions dialog box.

After you create a data field, you can add it to the forms in your project. Go to Customize form templates.

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