Submit your idea

When workflow is on, every project that starts as an idea is automatically included in the dashboard. If you have a project idea, submit it using your company's official idea form.

  1. In the desktop app, choose File > New > New Idea > Create Idea.
  2. Complete the idea form. Be sure to complete any data fields required for approval.
  3. In the upper right corner of the form, click Submit / Review.
  4. In the Project Workflow dialog box, click Submit for Review.

Companion automatically saves the idea, if it isn't already, then submits it to the steering committee for review.

Understand workflow

After you submit an idea, your company's steering committee is notified. The steering committee is a group of Companion users selected to evaluate and prioritize new ideas. If the steering committee approves the idea, it automatically moves to the hopper. If they reject the idea, its originator is notified and given the opportunity to resubmit.

From the hopper, the steering committee can evaluate and compare approved ideas and decide which ones to convert to projects. When a steering committee member decides to start a project, they must select a methodology and assign a project owner. The project owner receives an email notification containing a link to the active project.

If you are selected as a project owner, you are notified so you can begin to execute the project through the phases of the selected methodology.

What's next

Now that you've submitted your idea and have a basic understanding of workflow, learn how to execute your project in the workflow environment.
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