What is workflow?

Workflow provides an automated way to collect and vet project ideas, convert the best ideas to projects, and then advance those projects through phase reviews and approvals. Companion can be configured with or without workflow. If your company has configured Companion to operate with workflow, all official projects start as an approved project idea.

Here's how it works:
  • Users submit project ideas to a steering committee.
  • The steering committee evaluates the ideas and converts the best ones to projects by assigning a methodology and a project owner.
  • Users receive an email notification when they become a project owner, if workflow is configured to do so. Project owners execute the project in the desktop app using company-approved templates.
  • To complete a phase, the project owner must submit the project to the review board. Then, the review board must approve the current phase before the project can move to the next phase.
  • Everyone saves their projects to the web-based project repository.
  • The Companion dashboard summarizes the data from the projects in the repository and displays the results in reports for everyone to see.

Data architects configure workflow and manage company-approved data fields and templates in the design center. If you are a data architect, go to Data architects and the design center.

Submit your idea

When workflow is on, every project that starts as an idea is automatically included in the dashboard. If you have a project idea, submit it using your company's official idea form. After you submit your idea, the appropriate steering committee is notified.

  1. To open the desktop app, double-click the shortcut icon , then sign in. Use the email address and the password you created when you activated your Companion account.
  2. In the desktop app, choose File > New > New Idea > Create Idea.
  3. Complete the idea form. Be sure to complete any data fields required for approval.
  4. In the upper right corner of the desktop app, click Submit / Review.
  5. In the Project Workflow dialog box, click Submit for Review.

Open the new project

After you submit your idea, the appropriate steering committee is notified. A steering committee is a group of users selected to evaluate and prioritize new ideas. If a steering committee member approves your idea, it automatically moves to the hopper. If the idea is rejected, its owner is notified and given the opportunity to resubmit it.

From the hopper, steering committee members evaluate and compare approved ideas and decide which ones to convert to projects. When a steering committee member decides to start a project, they select a methodology and assign a project owner. If you are selected as a project owner, you receive a notification containing a link to the official project.

  1. If you become the owner of a project, click the link to the new project in your notification. Companion opens the new project in the desktop app so you can begin to execute the project through the phases of the methodology as outlined by the Roadmap.
  2. Complete the forms in the Management section.
    The management section is the same for every project template provided by your company. The forms in this section contain much of the data needed for dashboard reports, so it's important to complete these management forms and keep them updated as you work through your project.
  3. Complete the recommended forms and tools in each phase of the Roadmap.
    The Roadmap is your company's blueprint for executing projects. Forms in the Roadmap might also contain data needed for the dashboard. From the Roadmap, you can do the following:
    • Open a new Minitab project and add it to the Roadmap. Choose Insert > Minitab Project File.
    • Create folders inside phases to group similar content. From the Insert menu, choose New Phase or New Folder.
    • Use the Shift key or the Ctrl key to select multiple items, then drag them to a different location in the Roadmap.
  4. If the Roadmap doesn't have the form or tool you need, you can add one from the Insert tab or click Add Tool. The form or tool opens in the workspace where you can view and edit the tool.

    After you complete a form or a tool, you can export it directly into Microsoft® Word and Microsoft® PowerPoint. Right-click the workspace and choose Send to Word or Send to PowerPoint.

What's next

Now that you have submitted your idea and started your project, learn how to use individual tools to execute your project in the workflow environment.
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