Execute Your Project

Start a new project

Start a new project from a company-approved project template.

  1. Open the Companion desktop app.
  2. Choose File > New and choose a project template. Each project template has a different Roadmap to help guide you through the phases of your project.
  3. Complete the forms in the Management section.
    The management section is the same for every project template provided by your company. The forms in this section contain much of the data needed for dashboard reports, so it's important to complete them and keep them updated as you work through your project.
  4. Complete the recommended forms and tools in each phase of the Roadmap.
    The Roadmap is your company's blueprint for executing projects. Forms in the Roadmap might also contain data needed for the dashboard.
  5. If the Roadmap doesn't have a form or a tool you need, you can add one from the Insert tab.
  6. For Information about a specific form or tool in the Roadmap, right-click it and choose Help. You can also go to:

Save your project

All Companion projects are saved to the secure web-based project repository.
  1. Choose File > Save As > Project Repository.
  2. Click Browse and enter a name for your project.
  3. To include the data from your project in dashboard reports, click Include in dashboard.
  4. Click Save. The project is saved to the project repository and is checked out to you. When a project is checked out to you, no one else can edit it until you close it.

Share your project

After you save your project, you can share it with anyone who is part of your company's Companion subscription. Sharing projects makes it easier to collaborate with team members and keep key stakeholders informed.

  1. Choose File > Share.
  2. Enter the name of the user you want to share the project with, choose their level of access to the project, and click Add. Repeat to add more users.

What's next

Now that you've started a new project, saved it to the repository, and shared it with your team, use the dashboard to see the progress of the overall deployment and how your project is contributing to it.
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