Quality Companion Overview

Quality Companion by Minitab simplifies your quality initiatives by providing the soft tools that you need to develop, organize, and execute projects. With your tools, files, and data in a single project file, you can focus less on managing details and more on reaching your goals.

With Quality Companion, you can:
  • Create a plan of action with a Roadmap
  • Centralize and share project data
  • Standardize your project deliverables with built-in forms
  • Customize data and forms to meet the needs of your organization
  • Map your processes and assign data to any process step
  • Establish the flow of value through your organization
  • Organize ideas and challenges with brainstorming tools
  • Create a presentation to keep stakeholders informed
  • Guide your teams with templates and coaches

The Quality Companion Environment

Quality Companion includes:
  • The Project Manager, which provides access to Management and Roadmap tools.
  • The Roadmap, which organizes projects into phases and provides access to the tools that you need. You can customize the Roadmap to suit any type of project.
  • The workspace, in which you view and edit tools.
  • The task pane, which provides access to common tasks, Help, and coaches.
The Quality Companion Environment

About this Guide

This Getting Started guide introduces you to the most commonly used features in Quality Companion. It uses a story and a set of supporting project files to guide you through the exercises.

The exercises simulate the progression of a single project file. You can complete each exercise on your own, or you can use the supporting project files to help you move more quickly. Each sequential project file contains the information that you need from previous exercises to complete the next steps.

To download the supporting project files, click Supporting project files and extract the zipped file to an accessible drive location.

You must have Quality Companion 3 to open the .qcp and .qcf files and Minitab Statistical Software to open the .mpj files. To purchase or upgrade Minitab products or to download fully functional 30-day trials as well as free utilities to help you make better use of Quality Companion, go to www.minitab.com/products.

The Story

You work for an online book store, buymorebooks.com, that has a history of customer complaints about late deliveries. After you talk to members of the sales and shipping departments and review existing data, you determine that reducing the time to fulfill an order (cycle time) could significantly reduce late deliveries and improve customer satisfaction.

To solve the problem of long cycle time, use Quality Companion to:
  • Develop a process map to identify the steps involved in order fulfillment
  • Create a fishbone to brainstorm potential causes of long cycle time
  • Complete a C&E matrix to prioritize inputs that impact cycle time
  • Use an analysis capture tool to summarize the results of your Minitab analysis
  • Add a Minitab file as a related document
  • Create a presentation of your findings
  • Add custom data to track the specific information that your company needs
  • Create a value stream map to identify waste and streamline your processes

What’s Next

Now that your goal to reduce cycle time for order fulfillment is defined, select a template, and then start to build your Quality Companion project.

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