Topic Library Overview

Minitab Help is generally organized by the menu in Minitab Statistical Software. Each area includes supporting topics for the entire area. The following are the main sections of Help content.

Minitab Environment
This section includes information on the following subjects.
  • Minitab user interface, opening files and importing data, saving and exporting data and output, and default settings
  • Tools to manipulate and format your data to facilitate data exploration and to make data analysis easier
  • Tools on the Calc menu
Basic Statistics and Graphs
This section includes information on Minitab's basic statistical tools and all of Minitab's graphs and graph editing capabilities. The information for the statistical tools include summary statistics, hypothesis tests, probability distributions, random data, power and sample size, and tables.
Quality Tools
This section includes information on Minitab's statistical tools for quality, including measurement system analysis, control charts, capability analysis, acceptance sampling, and various other quality tools.
Modeling Statistics
This section includes information on Minitab's modeling statistical tools, including ANOVA, regression, DOE, reliability, time series, and multivariate analyses.
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