The following table summarizes the types of help available in Minitab and how to access them.

Help system Description Ways to access
Minitab Help Help for Minitab menus and dialog boxes
  • Click the Help button in a dialog box.
  • Choose Help > Help.
  • Press the F1 key.
  • Click the Help button on the toolbar.
StatGuide™ How to interpret Minitab output
  • With the Session window active and the output showing, either click the StatGuide button on the toolbar or press Shift+F1.
  • Choose Help > StatGuide.
Methods & Formulas The methods and formulas used in Minitab statistical analyses
  • To view methods and formulas for a command, open the dialog box for the command, click Help, and then choose see also > Methods and formulas.
  • Choose Help > Methods and Formulas.
Session Command Help Help for session commands
  • To get help for a session command, at the MTB> prompt in the Session window, type Help, followed by a space and the session command, and then press Enter.
  • Choose Help > Help. Under References, click Session Commands.
Macros Help Help for macros Choose Help > Help. Under References, click Macros.
Tutorials Learn how to use Minitab Choose Help > Tutorials.
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