These are file types that are exclusive to Minitab. You can also save and open other types of files in Minitab, such as text (.txt) and Microsoft Excel (.xls, .xlsx).

File type Description
Minitab project (.MPJ) Contains all the information in the current project, including worksheets, output, and history. When you save the project, you save all your work at the same time.
Minitab worksheet (.MTW) Contains all the information in the Minitab worksheet. You cannot print or edit a Minitab worksheet file outside Minitab.
Minitab graph (.MGF) Minitab graphics format files can be opened and edited in Minitab. You can send the graph to a Minitab user without sending the entire project.
Macro (.MAC) text file A series of Minitab commands that you can use to automate a repetitive task, such as generating a monthly report, or to extend Minitab's capabilities, such as calculating a special test statistic.
Exec (.MTB) text file A simpler form of Minitab macros.
STARTUP.MAC and STARTUP.MTB Special macro files.

Minitab's worksheets (.MTW) and projects (.MPJ) are binary files, and do not have a MIME type.

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