Store a text value in a constant

You can use a text value stored in a constant in all session commands that accept a text string, with the following exceptions:
  • A file name in the CD or TYPE session commands
  • A column name in the NAME session command

You cannot use a stored constant in a dialog box item that accepts a text string. Minitab will assume the constant number or name is the text string, rather than the content of the stored constant. For example, if K1 contains the text string "My Scatterplot" and you enter K1 in Title under the label options for Graph > Scatterplot, Minitab will display "K1" as the title of your graph.

Follow these steps to store a text value in a constant:

  1. Choose Calc > Calculator.
  2. In Store result in variable, enter the name of the stored constant; for example, K1.
  3. In Expression, type the text value enclosed in double quotation marks; for example "Green".
  4. Click OK.
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