Extract date components from a date/time column and store in them a text column

You can extract specified date or time components and store them in a text column. This extraction is useful when you want to use a date component, such as the fiscal quarter, as a categorical variable. For example, a sales manager wants to create a bar chart where each bar shows quarterly sales. The sales manager extracts the quarter and year components of a date/time column and puts them in a text column.

04/29/2014 12:52:34
08/09/2015 04:32:10
12/04/2014 06:52:03
10/04/2013 11:22:33
Original column
Result column
  1. Choose Data > Date/Time > Extract to Text.
  2. In Extract from date/time column, enter Date.
  3. In Store text column in, enter Quarter.
  4. Select Quarter and Year.
  5. Click OK.

When you use a text column to create a graph (or table), the text categories are in alphabetical order by default. To change the value order, right-click the column and choose Column > Value Order.

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