About the Subset Worksheet command

Use Data > Subset Worksheet to copy specified rows from the active worksheet to a new worksheet. You can specify the subset based on values in a column, formatted cells in a column, brushed points on a graph, and more.

If the worksheet contains columns of different lengths, you can choose to include all columns or only columns that are the same length.

Subset Worksheet copies columns to the new worksheet, but not stored constants or matrices. To copy stored constants and matrices as well, use the SUBSET session command. If any columns are hidden in the original worksheet, those columns will also be hidden in the new worksheet.

Subset a worksheet based on starting values of a row

Suppose you want to subset the worksheet to include only the rows that start with the letters "win" in C1.


If you want to subset the worksheet based on a text string in a different position, use the calculator text functions MID or RIGHT.

  1. Choose Data > Subset Worksheet.
  2. In How do you want to create a subset, choose Use formula.
  3. In Formula, enter LEFT(C1,3)="win".

    If you want to subset using both capital and lowercase letters (for example, win, Win, WIN), enter LEFT(LOWER(C1),3)="win".

  4. Click OK.
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