Splitting worksheets

Use Data > Split Worksheet to split, or unstack, the active worksheet into two or more new worksheets based on one or more grouping variables. For instance, if you split your worksheet based on a grouping variable that contains the values "Yes" and "No", then Split Worksheet will create two new worksheets, one for the Yes values, and one for the No values.

Usually, Split Worksheet is most useful when it will create only a few new worksheets. Although there is no absolute limit to the number of worksheets you can create with Split Worksheet, numerous worksheets can be cumbersome to manage.

Minitab copies only columns that are the same length as the column used to split the worksheet. For example, if you are splitting by C1 and C1 has 50 rows, only columns having 50 rows will appear in the new worksheet.


Split Worksheet copies data from columns to the new worksheets, but not stored constants or matrices. To copy stored constants and matrices as well, use the SPLIT session command.

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