Sorting data in a column

Use Data > Sort to sort one or more columns of data according to values in the associated columns that you select. You can sort in increasing or decreasing order, and you can specify whether the sorted data should be stored in the original columns, other columns you specify, or in a new worksheet.


To quickly sort all columns in the worksheet, right-click in the worksheet and choose Sort Columns > Entire worksheet.

Columns that are sorted together must be the same length. If you select columns to sort that are not the same length, a message appears, asking whether you want to add missing values to the bottom of the shorter columns so that they can be sorted together with the longer columns.

Missing values (*) in numeric and date/time columns are sorted last.

Minitab sorts text data in alphabetical order by default, following these rules:
  • If two words are the same except for case, lower case is sorted before upper.
  • If words contain special symbols (for example, ? or %), Minitab uses the ASCII collating sequence.
  • If two words are exactly the same, Minitab leaves them in their original order.
  • Missing values (blanks) in text columns are sorted first.

To specify a different value order for a text column, right-click the column and choose Column Properties > Value Order.

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