Converting values to different values (Recode)

About the Recode command

Use Data > Recode to change a value or set of values to new values, either of the same data type or of a different data type. For example, you have a column named Gender that has the values "Male" and "Female", and you want to convert all the values in the column to 1 and 2, respectively.


The following table shows the coding options and examples of when you might use them:

Conversion option Examples

To Numeric

  • Convert all occurrences of -99 to the missing value symbol *.
  • Convert letter grades to numbers: A to 4, B to 3, C to 2, D to 1, and F to 0.

To Text

  • Convert test scores to letter grades: 91 through 100 to an A, from 81 through 90 to a B, from 71 through 80 to a C, from 61 through 70 to a D, and 60 or less to an F.
  • Change the state name to the abbreviation: Tennessee to TN, North Carolina to NC, Alabama to AL, Georgia to GA, and so on.

To Date/Time

  • Change month names to dates, for example, code January to 1/1/02, February to 02/01/02, and so on.
  • Change all dates in January 2002 to January 1, 2002.

Date/time values must be entered in a date/time format that Minitab recognizes. See Date/time formats that Minitab recognizes.

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