Add a constant to every cell in the worksheet

Suppose you have a worksheet that contains 10 columns of numeric values (C1 to C10) that contain the same number of rows and you want to add 3 to each value. You can use a matrix to add 3 to all values.

  1. Choose Data > Copy > Columns to Matrix.
  2. In Copy from columns, enter C1-C10.
  3. In In current worksheet, in matrix, enter M1.
  4. Deselect Name the matrix containing the copied data, then click OK.
  5. Choose Calc > Matrices > Arithmetic.
  6. Choose Add, and enter M1 in the first box and 3 in the second box.
  7. In Store result in, enter M1 and click OK.
  8. Choose Data > Copy > Matrix to Columns.
  9. In Copy from matrix, enter M1.
  10. In In current worksheet, in columns, enter C1-C10.
  11. Deselect Name the columns containing the copied data and click OK.

You can you can get the same results with the following session commands:

COPY C1-C10 M1. 
ADD M1 3 M1.
COPY M1 C1-C10.

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