Example of formatting cells that contain the least frequent values

A quality engineer for an automotive supply company wants to decrease the number of car door panels that are rejected because of paint flaws. The engineer wants to determine whether there is a relationship between the type of paint flaws and the shift during which the door panels are made.

The engineer wants to examine the 80% most frequent plaint flaws. The engineer uses conditional formatting to identify and set aside the 20% least frequent paint flaws.

  1. Open the sample data, PaintFlaws.MTW.
  2. Choose Data > Conditional Formatting > Pareto > Least Frequent Percentage.
  3. In Column, enter Flaws.
  4. From Percentage of cells to format, select 20.
  5. Click OK.


The cells that contain the 20% least frequent values are shaded red. The engineer can do the following:
  • To move the formatted rows to the top of the worksheet, right-click the Flaws column and choose Sort Columns > Entire Worksheet > Formatted Cells at the Top.
  • To create a new worksheet without the formatted rows, choose Data > Subset Worksheet. From How do you want to create a subset, select Use rows with formatted cells in a column.
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