Matrices are rectangular blocks of numbers upon which mathematical operations can be performed. Matrices are often described by their dimensions. For example, here is a 3 x 4 (row x column) matrix:

14 22 23 44
15 36 27 38
19 16 31 42

Matrices are often used in equations. In Minitab, you can store matrices with a worksheet and use stored matrices in some commands. Minitab can also store output in matrices for some statistical analyses; for example, the design matrix for regression, GLM, and DOE procedures.

Each stored matrix has a unique ID that starts with an M; for example, M1. You can also name matrices as you do columns; for example, M1 = Output, M2 = Historical.

Stored matrices are not displayed in the worksheet. To view stored matrices in the Session window, choose Data > Display Data.

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