Which tabulated statistics are included in Minitab's chi-square test?

The tabulated statistics you can obtain with a chi-square test summarize information about the categorical variables. To get these statistics, choose Stat > Tables > Cross Tabulation and Chi-Square and click Chi-Square.
The total number of values in each cell and for the margins.
Expected count
The number of counts that are expected if the variables are independent. This is calculated as the product of the Ith row total and the jth column total divided by the total of all cells.
Raw residual
The difference between the observed and the expected count in each cell.
Standardized residual
The raw residuals divided by the square root of the expected counts.
Adjusted residual
The raw residuals divided by the estimated standard deviation of the observed count.
Each cell's contribution to chi-square
The (standardized residual)2 for each cell.
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