Which chi-square tests are included in Minitab?

When you choose Stat > Tables Minitab offers different analyses that can do a chi-square test. The analysis you choose depends on the type of chi-square test you want to do.

Test of association and independence

The calculations for these tests are the same, but the question you're trying to answer may be different.
Test of association
Use a test of association to determine whether one variable is associated with a different variable. For example, determine whether the sales for different colors of cars depends on the city where they are sold.
Test of independence
Use a test of independence to determine whether the observed value of one variable depends on the observed value of a different variable. For example, for an election, you might want to determine whether the candidate that a person votes for is independent of the gender of the voter.

For both tests, you can use either Chi Square Test for Association or Cross Tabulation and Chi-Square. Cross Tabulation and Chi-Square will handle frequency data, while Chi Square Test for Association will not.


In order to conduct a test in Cross Tabulation and Chi-Square, you must click Chi-Square and select Chi-square test. You can also get additional tests and measures of association by clicking Other Stats.


Use this analysis in a multinomial experiment to determine whether the proportions of categories in the data differ from target proportions.

For example, a researcher wants to determine whether the proportions of people who prefer certain colors of shoes agree with the values in the following table:
Proportion Color
0.2 White
0.3 Black
0.4 Blue
0.1 Any other color

To perform a goodness-of-fit test, choose Stat > Tables > Chi-Square Goodness-of-Fit Test (One Variable).

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