What is a character graph?

A character graph is displayed in the Session window and is drawn with keyboard characters, which represent the data values, axes, and so on.

You can paste character graphs in ASCII-based reports or text-based email messages. The following graph is a character-based histogram.

Histogram of Height N = 200 Midpoint Count 2.5 2 ** 3.0 4 **** 3.5 14 ************** 4.0 22 ********************** 4.5 44 ******************************************** 5.0 46 ********************************************** 5.5 27 *************************** 6.0 23 *********************** 6.5 10 ********** 7.0 3 *** 7.5 2 ** 8.0 2 ** 8.5 1 *

More commonly, however, graphs are displayed in a Minitab window where you can use Minitab's customization features. High-resolution graphs have made most character graphs, except for the stem-and-leaf plot, obsolete.

High-resolution histogram

This graph is a high-resolution version of the previous character-based histogram.

Add character graphs to the menu

To access character graphs, add them to the Minitab menu.

  1. Choose Tools > Customize.
  2. Under Categories choose Character Graphs.
  3. Under Commands, drag Character Graphs to the menu bar, inside a menu, or to one of the toolbars.
  4. Click Close.

Comparison of character graph boxplots and high-resolution boxplots

High-resolution boxplots use the 1st quartile (Q1) for the bottom of the box and the 3rd quartile (Q3) as the top of the box. These values are also called the 25th and 75th percentiles, respectively.

Character-style boxplots use the lower and upper hinges as the bottom and top of the box, instead of Q1 and Q3. The calculations for hinges and quartiles are slightly different.

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