What is a pie chart?

A pie chart is graph that you can use to represent the proportion for each category in the data. The pie is divided into slices, with each slice representing a category of data. By comparing and contrasting the size of the slices, you can assess the relative magnitude of each category.


To add slice labels, with the graph active, choose Editor > Add > Slice labels.

Example of a pie chart

A human resources manager creates a pie chart to show the percentage of employees in each job classification. The largest slice, Marketing, represents the most common job classification. The smallest slice, Janitorial, represents the least common job classification.

Example of a pie chart with an expanded slice

In this pie chart the slice representing R&D jobs is expanded away from the remainder of the pie.

To expand pie slices, select and then double-click the pie or a slice of the pie and click the Explode tab.

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