Change the end points on a boxplot

You can change the box end points from quartiles to hinges or percentiles. The end points are the upper and lower edges of the box. All three of the following boxplots are of the same data.

Quartiles (default)

For quartiles, Minitab displays the bottom of the box at the 1st quartile (25th percentile) and the top of the box at the 3rd quartile (75th percentile).


Like quartiles, hinges measure the middle half of the data, and both are methods for establishing the end points of the box in a boxplot. The hinge and quartile are essentially the same concept, but they are calculated differently. The hinges may be a small amount closer to the median than the quartiles are, but usually this difference is not noticeable unless the data set is very small.


If you want the box to represent a different percentile, you can choose Percentile for the box end points and then enter a number between 0 and 50 for the percentile for the lower box end point. This graph shows the 45th percentile.

  1. Double-click a box and click the Options tab.
  2. Choose a Box Endpoints option.
  3. Click OK.

To change the box end points for all subsequent boxplots, choose Tools > Options > Individual graph > Boxplot and choose a different end point.

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