Create a clustered bar chart with colored bars

If you have a clustered bar chart, you can move one of the categorical variables on the x-axis to a legend that will use colors to indicate the levels.

  1. Create a clustered bar chart.
  2. Double-click any bar.
  3. Click the Groups tab.
  4. In Assign attributes by categorical variables, enter the variable that you want to show in a legend. In the example, GlassType is the categorical variable.
  5. Select Apply attribute variables to all data displays, then click OK.
  6. Double-click the x-axis.
  7. Click the Show tab.
  8. Under Show Labels By Scale Level, deselect Tick Labels for the levels of tick labels that you want to hide. In the example, tick labels for GlassType is deselected.
  9. Click OK.
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