Create a time series plot of consecutive groups

You can create a plot of a time series divided into consecutive groups.

For example, this time series plot shows the monthly sales of a company over two years. During the first year, the company used the Alpha advertising agency. Then, the company switched to the Omega advertising agency.

To create a time series plot of consecutive groups, you must use a worksheet that contains one column of time series data and at least one column of categorical grouping values where categories are consecutive.

Example worksheet

C1 C2-T
Sales AdAgency
210 Alpha
205 Alpha
202 Alpha
... ....
368 Omega
358 Omega
346 Omega
... ...
  1. Choose Graph > Time Series Plot.
  2. Choose With Groups, then click OK.
  3. In Series, enter a column of time series data. In the example, Sales is the series.
  4. Under Categorical variables for grouping (1-3), enter one or more columns of categorical data with categories entered consecutively. In the example, AdAgency is the categorical variable for grouping.
  5. To specify a time scale for the x-axis, click Time/Scale and choose the scale elements. In the example, the time scale is Calendar: Month.
  6. Click OK in each dialog box.
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