Create a plot of overlaid time series

You can display multiple time series with the same sampling times overlaid on the same plot.

For example, this time series plot shows the monthly energy costs of producing plastic pellets using two different processes.

To create a time series plot of overlaid series, you must use a worksheet that contains multiple columns of time series data.

Example worksheet

C1 C2
Process 1 Process 2
50 32
46 31
45 30
... ...
  1. Choose Graph > Time Series Plot.
  2. Choose Multiple, then click OK.
  3. Under Series, enter multiple columns of time series data. In the example, Process 1 and Process 2 are the series.
  4. To specify a time scale for the x-axis, click Time/Scale and choose the scale elements. In the example, the time scale is Calendar: Month.
  5. Click OK in each dialog box.
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