Create a plot of overlaid time series with consecutive groups

You can create a plot of multiple time series with the same sampling times, divided into consecutive groups.

For example, this time series plot shows the monthly sales and advertising expenses of a company over two years. During the first year, the company used the Alpha advertising agency. Then, the company switched to the Omega advertising agency.

To create a plot of overlaid consecutive time series, you must use a worksheet that contains multiple columns of time series data where each column is a group, plus at least one column of categorical data for grouping where categories are consecutive.

Example worksheet

C1 C2 C3-T
Sales Advertis AdAgency
210 30 Alpha
205 25 Alpha
202 55 Alpha
... ... ....
368 30 Omega
358 25 Omega
346 36 Omega
... ... ...
  1. Choose Graph > Time Series Plot.
  2. Choose Multiple with Groups, then click OK.
  3. Under Series, enter multiple columns of time series data. In the example, Sales and Advertis are the series.
  4. Under Categorical variables for grouping (1-3), enter one or more columns of categorical data. In the example, AdAgency is the categorical variable for grouping.
  5. To specify a time scale for the x-axis, click Time/Scale and choose the scale elements. In the example, the time scale is Calendar: Month.
  6. Click OK in each dialog box.
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